Announcements for April 18 - 27, 2014

route 66 with bkgrndThe chronological journey through the Bible will continue at Bible Fellowship Church this Sunday, April 27, as our second Associate Pastor Candidate preaches on the prophet Amos!  It is a very unusual thing to preach on the book of Amos, so it will be a challenge for Brian Richards as he and his wife and children join in the adventure of Route 66.  

Amos was a prophet to the northern kingdom of Israel right before they were taken captive by the Assyrians in 722 BC. Amos's job was to warn, to exhort and prayerfully be a vehicle for change in his culture; but it was not an easy task because he had to preach judgment.  Nobody wants to do that!  And he had an evil king on the throne besides–so Amos did not win any popularity contests in Israel.

Please be sure to come to the service, hear Brian Richards, and stay for the potluck afterwards so you can see the Richards family more up close and personal.  Everyone is invited.  You can even ask questions of Brian during the time after lunch.  This is a very difficult and important decision that BFC is about to make and we are eager for the input of those who call BFC their home church.  


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