Announcements for April 18 - 25, 2014

resurrection imageThis is a very special week in the life of Christians as we contemplate the life and death of Jesus Christ–a time for reflection as well as a time to be grateful for all that God did for us in sending His own Son to pay the price for our sin.  If you would like to worship with others during this week, we invite you to come to the Good Friday service at 7pm on April 18.  The drama which started last Sunday will continue as the Pharisees discuss what Jesus came to do, and what their own reactions will be; and there will be music as well as a meditation on the death of Christ and its meaning for mankind.

April 20 we will celebrate Resurrection Sunday with the reminder: "He is risen."  "He is risen indeed!"  It will be a joy-filled service as we remember that Jesus Christ, God of very God, the second person of the Trinity, died, was buried and was raised from the dead to insure, for each of us who puts our faith in Him, that there is eternal life and an ultimate resurrection.  Invite your neighbors who might just be waiting to hear this Good News!   


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