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Announcements for the end of October

route 66 with bkgrndDon’t forget to visit CL Smith on Ramona Expressway and Lyon and tour their great hay maze!!!!  They are open from now until October 31 in the afternoons and evenings, and they have some great home-grown organic pumpkins for sale as well!  And the BFC Harvest Party is Friday night!

Bible Fellowship Church has as its philosophy “Love God. Love others. Serve the world.” And one of the things that we feel strongly about is our involvement in the political process.  We do not publicly endorse candidates or programs, but we encourage you to VOTE without fail. Our votes matter. We encourage you to consider biblical values as you mark your ballot.  Does your candidate take a stand for life–both at the beginning and the end of life?  Does he or she believe that people need to be able to get jobs and work?  Does your party support the constitution of this country?  Do you know if your candidate votes for programs that are moral and good for the welfare of our country?  You can find online information or you can ask somebody you know for more information.  But whatever, don’t neglect to vote on November 3.

This Sunday, November 2, we will continue our tour of Route 66: A Chronological Journey through the Bible.  We are coming to the end of the Old Testament and this Sunday we will look at a woman that God called for a very special purpose at a very crucial time in history: Esther.  She was the queen of Persia, born in a Jewish family and did some very daring things to save the entire nation of Israel from annihilation.  Don’t miss this great story and the challenge–one more time–that as individuals we can make a very big difference in the world around us!  We don’t have to make our own mark in the world.  In fact, says Kent Hughes, “God plants His saints in the most useless places.  We say, ‘I should be here because I am so useful.’  Jesus never estimated His life by the standard of greatest use.  God puts His people where they will glorify Him, and we are not capable of judging where that is.”  We are only called to be obedient to do as God asks.  Don’t miss this sermon.  And if you are wanting a good movie, check out “A Night with the King.”

Please pray for our missionaries, Amos and Mary Miamen, who live in Liberia and are on the front lines of the fight against ebola.  We have sent money to provide clean water and materials to help with sanitation–both practically and educationally. Pray that as Amos and Mary share the Gospel of Jesus and give physical help to the communities around them that people would be saved.  Pray for health and safety for the health workers.

Calicinto Ranch is having a Thanksgiving dinner soon and could use your help!  Volunteer to Debbie Petter (927-5589). 
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