Announcements for late August

route 66 with bkgrnd

It has been exciting to see how many seem to be interested in following our Route 66 Chronological Journey through the Bible.  Lots of us are learning things that we have missed over the years because we have studied the Bible book by book and have not had all we needed to connect the dots!  Each week it becomes easier to see the true character of God's love as He warns His people again and again to turn from their sin–decades before the judgment actually falls.

This week, August 24, 2014, we will take our first look at the prophet Daniel who was actually taken to Babylon in the captivity.  Daniel's heart for God was always his trademark, even as he served King Nebuchadnezzar.  Daniel faithfully called for worship of the one true God, even as Nebuchadnezzar was erecting images of himself that were to be worshipped!  Centuries later, Daniel is still renowned for all the right reasons.  Join us this week in Daniel 2 as we see a sixteen-year-old who distinguishes himself at every turn–but gives all the glory to God.

There are plenty of lessons to be learned from this man Daniel, so come along with us in the next few weeks and see where Daniel fits in the great scheme of things; and check out how God used him over seventy years to bring a wicked king to his knees and preserve the nation of Israel.

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