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Announcements for mid-September

route 66 with bkgrnd

As we have been going through the whole Bible in chronological fashion for the last year-and-a-half, we have learned that often the prophets in the Old Testament spoke of current events while at the same time giving a glimpse of things to come.  Ezekiel is such a prophet; and this Sunday, September 21, we will take a look at Ezekiel 37 and 38 and how it related to Ezekiel’s time as well as to our future.  It is a very exciting portion of Scripture because a lot of what is said is being played out in the Middle East right now and Jason Stewart is all set to do a great job of exposition.

Route 66: A Chronological Journey through the Bible is designed to help all of understand more of how the Old Testament is connected to the New Testament, hopefully giving us a deeper appreciation for God’s plan as well as confidence in His character.  If you have never gone through the Bible reading the books as they happened, this is a great experience.  Because we believe that we take our doctrinal statement from the context of all of God’s Word, this is an important study for the Body of Christ at Bible Fellowship Church.  If you happen to miss a sermon, you can listen online.  Just go the Sermon link on the front page of this website on Wednesday after the previous Sunday, and you will be able to listen to the sermon and catch up with us.

Bible Fellowship Church has several distinctives.  The heart and soul of our church is found in our small group ministry.  We also do not pass an offering plate on Sunday mornings!  We celebrate communion once a month–and we often devote the entire service to that sacrament.  We have many prayer groups that meet during the week at various times and they are open to all who want to come and pray.  We are active in our community, serving the Restart Center on a regular basis, providing food for the Community Pantry and sending volunteers to Calicinto Ranch–just to name a few of the places where we are involved.  Our members are encouraged to be salt and light wherever they go during the week, spreading the good news of Jesus–and to return on Sundays to get recharged for the next week.  Please come and join us if this sounds like a church that could be a good fit for you.

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