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Announcements toward the end of October

route 66 with bkgrndBible Fellowship Church has as its philosophy “Love God. Love others. Serve the world.”  Since 1976, we have sought to equip the people who attend our services to do just that.  And one of the things that we feel strongly about is our involvement in the political process.  We do not publicly endorse candidates or programs, but we encourage you to VOTE without fail.  If you are going to be out of town, get an absentee ballot now and do the research to make good decisions that will most certainly impact our lives, the community around us and the rest of the world.  Our votes matter.  We encourage you to consider biblical values as you mark your ballot.  Does your candidate take a stand for life–both at the beginning and the end?  Does he or she believe that people need to be able to get jobs and work?  Does your party support the constitution of this country?  Do you know if your candidate votes for programs that are moral and good for the welfare of our country?  You can find online information or you can ask somebody you know for more information.  But whatever, don’t neglect to vote on November 3.

 Route 66: A Chronological Journey through the Bible is coming to the end of the Old Testament!  This Sunday, October 26, we will be looking at Nehemiah who was cupbearer to King Artaxerxes of Persia around 445 BC–as in he tasted what the king drank FIRST to see if it was poison.  Believe it or not, it was a prestigious position in the palace and Nehemiah was a very trustworthy sidekick to the king.  Consequently, it might come as a surprise to most of us that when he heard that his countrymen who had returned to Jerusalem after almost 70 years in captivity were having a great deal of trouble getting their building project off the ground, Nehemiah became so depressed that the king of Persia noticed and asked him what was wrong.  Nehemiah actually wanted to go back to Jerusalem to help out with the rebuilding of the walls around the city–leaving behind a very luxuriant lifestyle to do so.  Come find out more about just one more person who alone made a difference in the world.  And then figure out what kind of a difference you are going to make in your world!!!  And here is a question for you: WHY are the books of Ezra, Nehemiah and Esther in the middle of the Bible while they are at the end of our chronology???  Give one of our pastors an answer on Sunday morning!!   

Currently we are involved with our missionaries Amos and Mary Miamen who live in Liberia and are on the front lines of the fight against ebola.  We have sent them money to provide clean water and materials to help with sanitation–both practically and educationally.  The civil war has destroyed a good deal of the morale in the country and Amos and Mary are sharing the Gospel of Jesus and giving physical help to the communities around them.  Pray for their safety and for the safety of their son and his family.

In our community we have been constant supporters of My City Life Youth, Life Choice Services, Don Jentes, the hospital chaplain and Valley Restart.  Most recently we have added Calicinto Ranch as well. And Calicinto is having a Thanksgiving dinner soon and could use your help!  Volunteer to Debbie Petter (927-5589).  Any of these groups could use your help if you are feeling God calling you to get involved in serving Him.
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