Announcements for late August

route 66 with bkgrnd

This coming Sunday, August 31, will be a time to look at the prophet Daniel's friends as they face the fiery furnace for standing up for the God of Israel and refusing to bow down to Nebuchadnezzar.  Route 66: A Chronological Journey through the Bible has brought us to the final days of the nation of Israel in about 586 BC. The country is being judged by God because they have worshipped idols for centuries, and God's justice is falling.  Daniel and his friends are in Babylon where they have been chosen to serve the king, but now things have begun to turn dark!  Don't miss this story because it is one of those very miraculous happenings that we need to bolster our faith in hard times.  And the ultimate beauty of the whole story is that Nebuchadnezzar himself, king of the world at that time, comes face to face with God as a result of the bravery of these men.

What could our world be like if our friends (and enemies!) saw us standing for Jesus in the face of all odds?

Join us at Bible Fellowship Church if you are looking for a place to study all of God's Word.  We are committed to study the whole Bible, and we are committed to one another as a family of believers.


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