Family Life

Family Life is a group with a vision to help equip families to do marriage and raise kids in a fast-paced, completely flawed world. Because we are flawed individuals living in a totally messed-up world, there has never been a more important time for the gospel to be lived out in our marriages, and in our families. 

That is the goal behind this ministry, to help equip couples and parents with the tools to live the gospel out in their marriages, and in the way they raise their children.

At Family Life this is what you can expect:

1. Authentic Relationships that seek to encourage and support your marriage and family.

2. A group of people who don't have everything figured out, but whose desire is to keep our eyes on Jesus.

3. Each time we meet, we will worship the Lord together, receive practical teaching that is designed to encourage and equip us to be better spouses, parents, and followers of Jesus.

4. Childcare will be provided.

Come be a part of the Family Life Community at Bible Fellowship Church.

We meet Sunday evenings (5pm - 7pm), every other week at Bible Fellowship Church.

1st - 3rd Sunday's (Marriage/Parenting Enrichment Focus)

Did we mention that childcare is provided?