Bible Fellowship Church is committed to prayer because we believe that prayer is the one thing that has the power to effect change in the world.  All of our prayer groups are open to any who would like to come and join in.

On Sundays after Service 

Every Sunday immediately following our service, we have a group who meets in Room 101 adjacent to the infant nursery) to pray for the needs that are shared on the communication cards turned in during both services. Unless otherwiswe specified, these requests are also shared with our email prayer tree on Monday. 

On Tuesday mornings at 7am

Every Tuesday morning we have a group who meets together in the prayer room located in the worship center. Tuesday morning prayer is focused on and devoted to praying for our local and cross-culturaly missionaries, as well as for unreached people groups and for the needs of one country in the world using Operation World as a guide.

On Thursday at 12:15pm 

On Thursday at noon, a group meets together at Bible Fellowship Church office to pray again for the needs of the BFC body that are submitted on communication cards from Sunday.


BFC also has a prayer tree which offers a quick way to pass along prayer requests within the Body here at BFC.  Contact Nancy at (951) 927-4160 if you want to phone in a request evenings or weekends.  Otherwise, you may contact the church office at any time with your prayer request (951) 652-8558 or  

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