Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones is a recovery program for adults who have suffered childhood abuse.  It is available on a regular basis at Bible Fellowship Church and is staffed by leaders with experience in crisis resolution.  It is a Bible study support group which welcomes women who have been abused emotionally, physically or sexually as children or teens.  Others who support the abused woman are also welcome to attend. The program is designed to help adult women find worth, success and love in their relationships with God and one another.  This is accomplished through Bible study, prayer and one-on-one attention.   The topics include: what abuse is, choosing to recover, identifying the damage, correcting our view of God, correcting our view of self, dealing with fear, anger and hostility, regaining personal strength, setting goals to recover, overcoming depression, learning to trust the right people, overcoming role confusion, the facets of forgiveness, and letting go of secrecy. The group is open to anyone from both the church and the surrounding community who has suffered childhood abuse.  For more information regarding this program, please contact the church office at 951-652-8558.