Our History

In the spring of 1976, fifteen young adults gathered together for the purpose of studying the Bible to see what Jesus said about Himself in the Book of John.  That study grew and split into two groups of about twenty, with several placing their faith in Christ; and very soon it was apparent that they could not continue to meet in a living room.  They moved the study to a large carport in a citrus grove, and so began what was originally called "The Grapefruit Grove Fellowship."  

Teaching the Word of God was a core value with a view to growing in the Lord while reaching new believers in the community and in the world. From its inception, the church embraced the small-group movement where people studied God's Word but also had opportunity to ask questions and pray for one another.

In September 1976, the group rented Ramona School in Hemet where they maintained Sunday services until they were able to purchase five acres of land.  Pastor Gil Olsen became the senior pastor in November of the same year.  The first building was dedicated in January 1983. In 1998, Bible Fellowship Church planted a daughter church on the west side of town, and West Valley Bible Church continues to be a viable congregation.  

That same year, Bible Fellowship made the decision to adopt an unreached people group.  The Buryat people of Southern Siberia were selected and members have participated actively in the establishment of churches in that area.  It brings great joy to see that now many of the Buryats are following Christ and building their own fellowships. 

Today, Bible Fellowship Church is still firmly grounded in the belief that Jesus Christ is the Chief Shepherd of our church, the Word of God is central to everything we do, and our great purpose is to fulfill the Great Commission that God has given to the Body of Christ.