Life Groups

The 2nd Step Bible Fellowship Church takes in order to fulfill the vision that God has given to us, is to "Love One another" (John 13:34). In order to put practical steps into this process, we encourage our church family to love one another, by attending a mid-week Life Group. This enables us to not only study the Bible together (for spiritual growth), but it also gives us the opportunity to purposefully invest in each others' lives as believers. As in the early church (Acts 2:46), Life Groups are vital part of the ministry at Bible Fellowship Church. As a matter of fact, Bible Fellowship Church was formed as the result of a home Bible studies. From our inception, the leadership stressed the distinction that the individual members are the church (Body of Christ) and not the church building. Thus, you can read on the front of our building, “Bible Fellowship Church meets here.” God has given all believers spiritual gifts for the purpose of nurturing each other and building up the Body of Christ. The best place for this to occur is within homes on any given day of the week. Our members grow together in Christ when they fellowship and study God’s word together in life groups. Then when we come together on Sunday, it is a time of worship and thanksgiving for what God has done in our lives throughout the week. When we exercise our spirtural gifts toward one another, we help fulfill Christ’s Great Commandment (Matthew 28:18-20). We have life groups that meet throughout the week. Please look on the back of our church bulletin, or contact the church front office for more information.